Monday, June 23, 2014

7-key remote control user defineable

This 7-key remote control is really a good item for you. This product is user-definable, allowing you to redefine the keys’ functions to realize the remote control to the devices you want, such as volume or power control in amplifier application, movement control of curtains, brightness, color and power control of lights, etc. Use an infrared decoder to receive and transmit the data of the keys to a processor (like PC, MCU) on which you can write new programs to redefine the keys’ functions. Sure makes the process easier by supplying the corresponding hexadecimal of each key.
This remote control utilizes NEC IR encoding mode and integrates SC6122 IC as the remote control transmitter which utilizes CMOS Technology specially designed for use on infrared remote control applications. This remote control is small in size and easy-to-use with only 7 keys. Its smooth rounded shape fits perfectly in your hand for natural, balanced operation. Seven dome keys integrated are sensitive and durable to use.
You may refer to the manual in download center for details of NEC protocol. In addition, we also provide the combination of the remote control and a mating decoder.

  • Size: 110.00(L) × 45.00 (W) ×18.30(H)±0.20mm
  • Compact and durable
  • Black, ABS packaging
  • Powered by two 1.5V AA batteries
  • Long service time: 3 years
  • Straight transmission distance: 8m
  • Available to use keys 100.000 times
  • Low power consumption


    Power Voltage
    DC2.2V- DC3.2V
    IC Quiescent Current
    > 0.1 mA

    IC Low-voltage Detection
    2.4V ± 0.1V (OTP)
    2.4V ± 0.1V (Normal)
    Power Consumption (Average)
    Power Consumption (Max)
    Storage Temperature and Humidity
    -10℃ + 60℃, 90%RH(MAX)
    Operating temperature and humidity
    0℃ + 55℃, 85%RH(MAX )
    Resonant Frequency
    Resonant frequency: 455KHZ ± 1.5KHZ
    Carrier wave: 37.9KHZ ± 125KHZ
    Temp 25℃
    Humidity: 65%- 80%RH
    Straight Distance
    Temp 25℃
    Humidity: 65%- 80%RH
    Supply voltage: 3.0V
    Test environment: 350Lux
    Same receiver
    Supply voltage: 3.0V
    Test environment: 350Lux
    Same receiver
    Up, down, left, right direction 15° at min. 5.0m distance
    Leakage Current
    <5ua p="">
    No key pressed
    Power Supply
    DC 2.2V-DC 3.2V
    Material of Keys
    PET, force: 120-180g
    LED consumed
    35mA ± 0.5mA
    VDD DC 3.0V

  • Volume control in amplifier application
  • Smart Home like color, brightness and power control of lights, movement control of curtains
  • Other remote control applications
Package Contents:
  • Small 7-key User-definable Remote Control ×1
The accessories might be a little different from what you've seen on webpage since the accessories you received might be from different batch. However, it won't affect your use. Sure Electronics assumes no liability for any ambiguity caused by the product photos.