Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Low Cost Infrared Transmitter

Infra Red Transmitter is a sender module data via infrared wave generator equipped with a carrier wave frequency of 38 kHz. This module can be used as a transmitter for wireless transmission of data in applications such as robotics, security systems, datalogger, absenteeism, etc.. 

- Working voltage: +5 VDC. 
- 38 kHz carrier frequency (can be matched using a variable resistor). 
- Wavelength: 940 nm (peak). 
- Angle beam: +17 degrees. 
- The maximum distance of 16 m (tested at an angle of 0 degrees) and 35m (according to the datasheet). 
- Have input voltage levels are compatible with TTL, CMOS, and RS-232. 
- There are 2 modes of output: non-inverting and inverting. 
- Fully compatible with  microcontroller or minimum system with 5V logic.
- Dimensions: 7.3 cm (P) x 4.1 cm (L) x 1.5 cm (T)