Thursday, June 19, 2014

RFID technology for vehicle access control and parking system

Secure and efficient access control and management of external as well as internal premises such as Vehicle access control, parking areas and buildings. RFID technology has become popular because of the variety of choices including UHF and battery assist Active as well as the low cost of entry to begin using the technology. In addition, traditional access control systems that use magnetic stripe and proximity cards are being replaced by UHF and Active RFID technologies that combine security with convenience.

RFID has become the technology of choice when it comes to improving and automating access security. Some reasons for incorporating RFID with your over-all access control requirements include:
  • Enhanced security by limiting access to restricted areas
  • Limit access to only authorized personnel
  • Tracking and recording employee activity
  • Loss prevention
  • Compliance to legislated regulations
  • Convert from an outsourced to user owned system
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
That's why a commercial property management company installed RFID System Technology operated vehicle access barriers for their tenants