Friday, June 13, 2014

ROBOTIS DREAM Education Level 1 Kit

ROBOTIS DREAM Level 1 is an easy entry level robotics kit optimized for learning and teaching robotics. Level 1 offers from the very basic of robotics starting with how parts are using and how they affect movement and also approaches scientific relations such as center of gravity, force, energy, etc... Once you are done with level 1 you will understand the principle of biped and quadruped robots.

ROBOTIS DREAM Level 1 comes with 12 chapters of assembly, application of principles, and problem solving.
Example robot for level 1

Training Process
1. Learn Principles Learn and understand scientific principles. 
2. Robot Building Choose and build a robot. 
3. Robot Movement Experiment by moving robots. 
4. Problem Solving Solve problems and understand principles through experiment. 
5. Build my own robot! Customize your robot to make your own unique robot!