Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Low Cost USB I/O module

Low Cost USB I/O module  is a development tool for the FT232BM (USB - UART converter IC) which consists of a series of LEDs and tactile switches, TTL converter - RS-232/RS-485, USB converter - UART RS-232/RS-485. 

- Requires +12 VDC power supply. 
- 8 LEDs and 8 tactile switches that can be used as inputs / outputs in bit-bang mode (one of the features possessed by the FT232BM). 
- RS-232 level converter with maximum baudrate of 115200 bps. 
- RS-485 level converter with half duplex configuration. 
- DB-9 male connector for RS-232 communications, and a 3-pin header for RS-485 communication. 
- Fully compatible with the I / O pins of the PC-Link module USBer. 
- Equipped with test programs for testing bit-bang or UART RS-232/RS-485.