Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Parallax Say It Module

The Parallax Say It Modules provides voice recognition functions for built-in Speaker Independent (SI) pre-programmed commands and up to 32 user-defined Speaker Dependent (SD) keywords (triggers,commands, or passwords).

When you speak into this module, it will match the spoken word to a set of keywords that it has been programmed to recognize. Once the module has determined if there is a match, it will take a defined action, either listening for the next keyword in another "wordset" or executing the commands associated with the word that was said. You can create up to 32 user-definable keywords.

The Say It GUI software for the BASIC Stamp 2 provides an easy interface for training the module and producing template code. Or, the simple and robust serial protocol provided can be used to access the Say It module functions from other Parallax microcontrollers. The 10-pin SIP header makes the module breadboard friendly, and is designed to fit in one row of the AppMod header found on the Board of Education and Boe-Bot Robot.

  •         23 Pre-programmed commands
  •         Up to 32 user-definable commands
  •         SIP for breadboard friendly projects (0.1" spacing)
  •         GUI provides training and template code for BASIC Stamp 2 modules
  •         On-board LED and microphone
  •         Voice controlled Boe-Bot examples

Key Specifications
  •         Power requirements: 3.3 to 5.5 VDC
  •         Communication: Adjustable Asynchonous Serial (9600 (default),
  •         19200, 38700, 57600, 115200)
  •         Operating temperature: 32 to 158 °F (0 to 70 °C)
  •         Dimensions: 1.02 x 2.47 x .38 in (26 x 62.93 x 9.70 mm)

Application Ideas
  •         Voice-controlled entry systems
  •         Automated house applications
  •         Voice-activated robotics

        Do not solely rely on the Say It module to recognize a command for a safety stop if your project
        requires one; take all appropriate precautions when implementing this module to maintain a safe