Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Low Cost Infrared Receiver

 Infra Red Receiver is a receiver module data via infrared waves with a frequency of 38 kHz carrier. This module can be used as a receiver for the wireless transmission of data in applications such as robotics, security systems, datalogger, absenteeism, etc.. 

- Working voltage: +5 VDC. 
- Frequency 38 kHz carrier receiver. 
- The sensitivity of the relative peak occurs at a wavelength of 940 nm. 
- Angle of reception: +45 degrees. 
- It has 2 outputs (inverting and non-inverting) voltage levels compatible with TTL, CMOS, and RS-232. 
- Fully compatible with the Minimum System or Microcontroller and other control systems That run on 5VDC level.