Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Easy Robot for Everyone, Sparki

Sparki works out of the box with its remote control. To write your own programs, just plug it in via USB, install the custom-enhanced Arduino software and try any of the dozens of example programs. We have programs for every sensor and actuator on Sparki:

  • Detect distance to walls and objects with 1x Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Detect pick-ups, falls and climb hills with 1x 3-Axis accelerometer
  • Sense magnetic fields and detect compass heading with 1x 3-Axis magnetometer
  • Follow light and darkness with 3x Light-sensing phototransistors
  • Do mazes, follow lines, and sumo with 5x Line-following and edge detection sensors
  • Create maze and line lessons easily with 1x A2-sized maze poster and 1x A2-sized line following poster with easy to advanced tracks**
  • Display data and graphics with 1x 128×64 Graphic LCD
  • Generate any color with 1x RGB LED
  • Create musical tones and beeping with 1x Buzzer
  • Message other Sparkis with 1x IR transmitter
  • Control via remote control with 1x IR receiver
  • Control Sparki with lots of buttons with 1x IR remote control
  • Talk to an Arduino/Raspberry Pi with 1x TTL serial port for expansion
  • Talk with phones and computers with 1x Bluetooth Serial Module Port
  • Move precisely with measured movement down to millimeters/ sub-degrees with 2x Geared stepper motors
  • Programs easily with 1x USB cable
  • Powered by 4xAA batteries (rechargeable or alkaline, batteries not included)
  • Draw and write precisely with 1x Marker holder and 1x Sparki-fitted black marker**: