Friday, April 29, 2016

Low Power High Resolution 3-Axis Accelerometer

This module is a 3-axis accelerometer sensor with high resolution and low power consumption. Has supported 16-bit binary format. This module can be used to measure the acceleration of gravity static and dynamic acceleration caused by the movement / vibration.

- Dimensions (mm): 23.3 (L) x 18.2 (W) x 11.6 (H).
- Low power consumption: Measurement mode = 23μA | Standby mode = 0,1μA. All using typical voltage = 2,5V.
- The scale of power consumption change automatically with bandwidth.
- System memory settings are already embedded with FIFO technology makes the processor work lighter.
- Detection of single tap and double tap.
- Monitoring the presence or absence of activity. Detect motion freefall.
- Range-voltage I / O: 1,7V - Vs
- Interface SPI (3- and 4-wire) and I²C digital.
- Mode interrupt flexible so that it can be mapped to other interrupt pin.
- Hold shocks up to 10.000g.