Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT with Orientation, Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Sensors

This is an add-on module for RPI. These modules are connected via 40 pin GPIO provided by RPI.
Sense in this HAT already there are several sensors that can be used for a variety of experiments, applications and games.

some sensors / features include:
- Sensor gyroscope - angular rate: ± 245/500/2000 (dps).
- Magnetometer sensor: ± 4/8/12/16 (gauss).
- Linear acceleration sensor: ± 2/4/8/16 (g).
- The temperature sensor: With an accuracy of ± 2 ° C.
- Air pressure sensor (barometer): 260-1260 hPa absolute range.
- Relative humidity sensor.
- A small joystick with 5 buttons.
- Display 8x8 LED matrix.

Compatible With:
  Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  Raspberry Pi Model B+
  Raspberry Pi Model A+