Thursday, December 31, 2015

GA1022CAL 25MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

A 7-inch widescreen color TFT LCD displays clear, crisp and more stable waveform display. 25% more viewing area with the menu switched off.
Various trigger functions : Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternation.
Unique digital filtering and waveform recording functions.
Pass/Fail function.
32 kinds of automatic measurement and manual cursor tracking measurement functions.
Two groups of reference waveforms, 16 groups of common waveforms, 20 groups of internal storage/output; support waveform setting, external storage and output of CSV and bitmap file by USB flash disc (CSV and bitmaps cannot be output from USB flash disc).
Adjustable waveform brightness and screen grid brightness.
The pop-up menu display mode realizes more flexible and more natural for users' operations.
Various kinds of language, Chinese and English.
On-line help system.
Shortcut key to PRINT, support print screen.
Standard configuration interfaces : USB Host, USB Device, RS-232.
USB Host : support storage of USB flash disc and upgrading of USB disc system software 
USB Device : support PC connection for remote communication.

  • 25MHz Bandwidth
  • 1GSa/s Sampling Rate
  • 2 Channels
  • 40Kpts Memory
  • 7" Widescreen LCD Color Display
  • USB Host/Device : Support USB Printer and USB Flash Drive
  • PictBridge Function
  • Easyscope Software