Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A-Pod Hexapod Robot Kit (Hardware Only)

The Lynxmotion A-Pod Hexapod Robot Kit (Hardware Only) is insect inspired. The angled legs provides additional range of movement. The three DOF (degree of freedom) leg design means the robot can walk in any direction. The robot has been designed to use 18 HS-645 servos for the legs and an additional 7 servos for the head and tail. It's truly amazing to see in action.

The Mechanics
The robot is made from precision-cut PVC and ultra-tough high-quality aluminum servo erector set brackets.

• Servo motion control: Local closed loop
• Steering: Differential
• Number of legs: 6
• Motion speed: 10''/S
• Ground clearance: Up to 7.50''
• Basic A-Pod frame and hardware hexapod robot kit
• Angled legs for additional range of movement with 3 DOF (degree of freedom)
• Made with PVC and high-quality aluminum servo erector set brackets
• Includes durable aluminum and plastic parts

• Size (body) : 9.375''(L) x 6.625''(W) x 2.50''(H)
• Weight (w/out batteries): 6lb 4oz.

What's Included:
• A-Pod Body Kit
• A-Pod Mandibles Kit
• A-Pod Tail Kit
• 3x A-Pod Leg Pair
• 6x Servo extension cables - 6''
• 1x Servo Extender Cable - 24"

Requires (Sold separately)
• 25 x HS-645MG (133 oz. in.) Standard Servos
• BotBoarduino
• SSC-32 Servo Controller
• USB data transfer cable