Tuesday, November 04, 2014

MSAA502 Multi-purpose Adapter

The MSAA502 is a multi-purpose adapter that is used for eliminating ambient light or to provide a stable enhanced field of view at optimal working distance. Great for various applications such as checking the skin for dermatology or looking at a dogs ear for veterinarians. Simply place the Dino-Lite on top of the adapter and your ready to use.

  • Long working distance models: 1.5cm x 1.0cm at 35X
  • 200x capable models: 4cm x 3cm at 10X
  • AM413TL-M40: 3cm x 2cm at 15X


ModelMSAA502 Multi-purpose Adapter
Unit Weight72(g)
Unit Dimension12.5cm (H) x 8.5cm (D)
M = magnification rate      WD = working distance (without front cap)      FOV = field of view      DOF= depth of field      Unit = mm