Wednesday, November 05, 2014

2-Channel Remote Control Stag Beetle by Tamiya

This item is an assembly kit of a space exploration vehicle or other non-fictional mechanism. 17.3cm long when completed. 

Here's a neat beetle robot kit for the whole family to enjoy! The stag beetle robot can be controlled via a 2-channel remote control box that will be connected through cables to the robot's dual motors upon completion. The gearboxes are installed separately for moving the left and right side of the center legs, where the movements are transmitted to the front and rear legs via crank and linkage rods. The pre-assembled gearboxes can be attached to the Type 130 motors, which come pre-wired to the remote control circuit board. The robot can be easily assembled by simply snapping and screwing parts together. A Philips screwdriver is thoughtfully included! Two AA batteries is required (not included) for the remote control. Do not use Ni-MH batteries