Thursday, November 06, 2014

FC-L-MA1 Mirror Angle Adapter

FC-L-MA1 Mirror Angle Adapter

Cap with a mirror 90 degrees, which is compatible with the Dino-Lite "AD" + "L" AD or AD-4113TL-7013MTL models. Cap's patented design integrates with the lighting to the focal point (mirror) at a magnification of 40X - 80X. Mirror angle of 45 degrees (some minor angle adjustment allowed) gives the user a 90 degree right angle viewing and the ability to look back, top, bottom or into objects and surfaces.

The design of the 90-degree conical taper, adapters, which can easily be rotated 360 degrees, makes this feature ideal for use as a limited range right angle view Boroscope and allows access to difficult to reach areas with a hidden depth range up to 36mm / 10mm width to width 21mm depth / 7.5mm (or diameter).

Used in electronics for BGA solder inspection, etc, as well as service design / engineering and industrial inspection and quality assurance applications. FC-L-MA1 adapter cap is soulisi for your work that has been limited.

Dimensions68mm (L) x 7mm (W tip)
Compatible with"AD+L" models
 Package Info
Package IncludesMSFCMA1 Attachment ( Dino-Lite Not Include )
Package Dimensions17.1cm(L) x 10.1cm(W) x 5.7cm(H)
Package Weight99g
 Length: 68.2 mm
Mirror angle: 450
Min. diameter: 7.2 mm