Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Multi-Angle Adjustable Flex Arm.

The MSAK810 adjustable flex arm can to be attached to the pole of a MS35B/MS36B for additional hands free viewing angles with the Dino-Lite. The arm has a maximum of 30cm reach, and can be bent and twisted to attain your desired viewing positions. The MSAK810 is a great addition to a MS35B/MS36B allowing an in-depth visual inspection with multiple Dino-Lite's.


Unit Dimension36cm (L) x 15.3cm (W) x 5cm (H)
Package Dimensions31.5cm (L) x 32cm (W) x 7cm (H) - BASE
36cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 11cm (H) - RACK