Friday, November 07, 2014

Sliding Mouse - Vibrating Action

The tamiya Sliding Mouse: Internal motor spins a cylindrical plate with a weight (a screw) placed on one side creating an updown rapid vibrating movement. This vibration is then conveyed to 3 rods that smoothly propel the model forward in a sliding type movement.
  • Easy assembly using snap-on parts and screws.
  • Direction can be easily altered by changing the direction of the rods.
  • Speed can be adjusted by changing the angle of the rods.
  • Body shape designed to represent various popular animals whilst maintaining a curved form to move around obstacles.
  • Eyes act as rollers also helping model to smoothly work around obstacles.
  • Games and races can be easily made by building an obstacle course using cardboard etc.
  • Best performance on smooth flat surfaces.

  • Length = about 97mm 
  • Height = about 70mm 
  • Body Material = ABS resin 
  • Motor = Type 130
  • Requires AAA batteries (sold separately)
  • running time: about 2 hours