Friday, December 25, 2015

Veyron 2x25A Brush DC Motor Driver

Veyron motor drivers who are not only smart, but rich in features and supports many interfaces. If you see the motor drivers generally are only a limited form of electronic circuits that can perform motor control with PWM interface. Veyron 2x25A Brushed DC Motor Driver is not only limited to that, this module in addition to controlling DC motors but stepper motors. The module is easy to apply and has a variety of interfaces that can be tailored after the needs, in addition to the use of various interface selection is easy as just using the buttons. Supported interfaces include:

- Analog
- PPM / Pulse Position Modulation (like a servo control)

Motor control is a sensitive matter and vital, especially for a motor with a voltage and high current. Therefore Veyron complements this driver with a variety of protection, among others:

- Under-voltage protection
- Over-voltage protection
- Under-current protection
- Over-current protection
- Over-heating protection
- Shorted protection
- Reverse voltage protection

Discussing his smart side, this driver has control software features that can make maximum motor control, among others:

- Open / closed loop system auto recognition
- Self-tuning PID parameters, etc.

Electrical Specifications:
- Input voltage range: DC 6 ~ 36V, the limit voltage is 40V
- Use of nickel - hydride or nickel - cadmium battery: 5-30 BTS (batteries)
- Use lithium polymer battery: 2-8 BTS
- Single maximum permissible continuous current: 25A (2x25A) / 12A (2x12A)
- Single channel the maximum allowable: 30A (2x25A) / 20 (2x12A)