Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Shield Matrix

Shield Matrix 8 x 32 is a stackable shield for Arduino, which allows you to learn programming using the simplest sensors on board. So you can easily connect other Shield for Arduino, expanding the capabilities of your DIY projects.


  • Arduino Mega compatible
  • Support for Arduino Shield
  • Support for wireless devices based on the nRF24L01, xBee
  • IR control- RGB LED ( to indicate a variety of parameters)
  • Clock button ( on / off various parameters)
  • The buzzer ( alarm or pressing the remote control buttons )
  • Light sensor (automatic illumination matrices )
  • Support Matrix LED 8X8 (Bi-Color)
  • RTC ( real time clock )- Grove I2C- interface (optional I / O)
  • Power to the 9-24 or from the USB controller (recommended 12V 2A)
  • Dimensions 272.5 x 67.6 mm