Friday, January 22, 2016

Intel Edison 2

Intel Edison is a System-On-Module small sized properly used as the core board and the various public projects related to IOT and wearable.
In terms of "taste", both Intel and Intel Galileo Edison is identical to that in addition is Arduino compatible but we can also functioned as a Linux development board for already installed Linux distribution Yocto so you can enjoy Python, Node.js, and Wolfram should like Intel Galileo.
Anyway , Intel Edison has the major advantage that has integrated WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy. The difference with the previous version of Edison Intel, Intel Edison 2 hold more certifications that can be used in different countries.

  • 3:15 power supply VDC to 4.5 VDC
  • LPDDR3 features 1GB of RAM, 4GB flash, WiFi 2.1, Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy / BLE, I2C, UART, etc
  • Dimensions 35.5 × 25.0 × 3.9 mm (1.4 × 1.0 × 0:15 inches) max
  • Based microcontroller / microprocessor Intel
  • Number of port i / o Intel Atom dual-core processor, 100MHz and 500MHz, x86
  • Port interface connector Hirose
  • Linux Bootloader
  • USB programming port (with additional board)