Monday, January 25, 2016

Digital I/O Board Kit

Once properly assembled, the Parallax Digital I/O Board Kit enables your microcontroller to interface to high voltage circuits allowing you to read up to eight optically isolated inputs and control up to eight isolated outputs. Inputs can be a voltage from 5-30VDC (AC compatible) and outputs can be either mechanical or solid state relays that can switch up to 8A loads, such as cooling fans, solenoids, heating elements, and more.

Key Features:
  • Mechanical or Solid State Relay output allowing you to choose the best option
  • Configurable Input Voltage range allowing flexibility on input monitoring
  • Synchronous serial or parallel interface to inputs/outputs
  • LED indication of power and input/output status
  • AppMod compatible connection for Board of Education
  • Socketed ICs for easy replacement

Applications Ideas:
  • 120 VAC brushless lighting/fan control
  • HVAC duct/damper control
  • Isolated power control of high voltage/current devices from your microcontroller, such as heating elements, blower fans, solenoids, lighting systems and more
  • Isolated monitoring of high voltage signals such as doorbell, alarm or other signals