Friday, January 22, 2016

XNUCLEO-F411RE Package A

XNUCLEO-F411RE (STM32 Development Board, Supports Arduino, Compatible with NUCLEO-F411RE)
IO Expansion Shield (Provides interfaces for connecting XBee, WiFi-LPT100, and sensors)
Sensors Pack (Gas, Color, Flame, Hall, IR, UV, Laser, Sound, Temperature and Humidity, Tilt, Liquid level, etc.)
XNUCLEO-F411RE Features

Compatible with NUCLEO-F411RE, onboard Cortex-M4 microcontroller STM32F411RET6
Arduino connectivity support, easy to connect with various Arduino shields and access the massive Arduino resources
ST Morpho headers provide full access to all STM32 I/Os, easy for peripheral expansion
Supports mbed, build prototype quickly by mbed SDK and online tools
Comprehensive free software HAL library including a variety of software examples
Comes with a separated ST-LINK/V2 module

Weight: 0.25 kg

ST-LINK/V2 (mini) x 1
USB Type A Plug to Micro B Plug Cable x 1
USB Type A Plug to Receptacle Cable x 1
IO Expansion Shield × 1
MQ-5 Gas Sensorsensitive for LPG, natural gas, coal gasgas leakage detector
Color Sensordetects static colorsorting by color, color matching
Flame Sensorsensitive to flame spectrumfire detection, fire fighting robot, fire alarm
Hall Sensor49E hall sensormotor speed measurement, object position detection
Infrared Reflective Sensorreflective infrared Transceiverrobot path tracking, obstacle-avoiding car, pipeline counter
Laser Sensorlaser sensorobstacle detection, pipeline counter, smart robot
Moisture Sensorfork-like soil moisture sensorauto watering system, flowerpot soil moisture detection
Rotation Sensordetects clockwise/anti-clockwise rotationspositioning in Industrial Controls
Sound Sensoronboard audio power amplifier LM386ambient sound detection, sound level detection
Temperature-Humidity SensorDHT11 temperature and humidity sensorambient temperature and humidity detection
Tilt Sensordetects shake signalshake detection, guard alarm, smart car
UV Sensorultraviolet sensorultraviolet tester, outdoor ultraviolet detector, germicidal lamp
Liquid Level Sensordetects liquid levelwater level alarm