Thursday, June 21, 2012

2 Amp Dual H-Bridge driver

2 Amp Dual H-Bridge is an H-bridge driver designed to produce a two-way drive with up to 2 A continuous current at a voltage of 4.8 Volts to 46 Volts. This module is able to drive inductive loads such as DC motors, stepper motors, relay coil, selenoida, and other expenses.

  • Consists of two full H-Bridge driver that can diparalel.
  • Each driver was able to spend a continuous flow or continuous current 2 A 4 A time diparalel, and to support the load voltage of 4.8 V to 46 V.
  • Input compatible with TTL and CMOS voltage levels.
  • Tri-state output and is equipped with an external diode for inductive load safety.
  • Each H-Bridge has a load current sensor can be used as feedback to the controller.
  • Overtemperature protection.
  • Input power supply lines (logic) is separate from the power supply to the load path.
  • PCB design with industry standard 2 layer FR4 material and the plated through hole (PTH).
  • Fully compatible with the SPC Gamepad Interface, and support the system microcontroller.
  • Dimensions: 6.8 cm  x 5.8 cm  x 3.2 cm
other H-Bridge variant: 

Low voltage H-Bridge (2V-6.8V up to 700 mAmp)
1 Amp dual H-Bridge (4.5V-36V up to 1000 mAmp)
2 Amp dual H-Bridge (4.8V-46V up to 2 Amp)
5 Amp H-Bridge (5V-40V up to 5 Amp)
30 Amp heavy duty H-Bridge (5.5-16V up to 30 Amp)