Friday, June 01, 2012

Advanced Compound Eye


Infrared compound eye, made up of several infrared infrared sensitization units, is an electronic part used to detect infrared ray. With only one port, it can read the strongness of infrared rays easily and automatically work out the directions of the maximum value and minimun value.
The following is the real compound eye.


1. Standard Joinmax RCU four-line connector. Compatible with two-line I2C interface. It is convinient for user's DIY extention use.
2. With seven lamps, direction indicator points out direction of light source (that is, direction of the maximum value) easily.
3. No initialization is needed; digitalized controlling.
4. Data of surrounding environment can be read by using 12 commands.

Compound eye is mainly used to detect the surrounding infrared rays, whose strongness is called ray value. Compound eye is used widely, for example, to detect lighted candle in the firefighting competition, or to tell the ball direction in the soccer match.