Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gas sensor from Winsen Tech

Zhengzhou Winsen Technology Corp., Ltd, as one of professional manufacturer specializing in the R&D, mass production of gas sensing fields, has developed various types of gas sensors to meet different application.

Depending on the long period searching, production experience and our own technology,now we have full gas sensor production technology. MQ series semiconductor gas sensor for domestic use, which are available for Hydrogen, LPG, Natural gas (Methane), Alcohol, Acetone, Gasoline etc combustible gas and some toxic gas such as CO, NH3, H2S, also CO2, Ozone gas and so on; MC series catalytic gas sensor and ME series electrochemical sensors also have boarded on the market for many years, which can be widely used in Industrial combustible gas detection for its excellent performance.
WINSEN not only pay attention to quality control, much more attention also has been paid to R&D, we are committing ourselves to the R&D of new gas sensor technology, also we has established wide cooperation with main advanced researching institute in China, this would be a new chance for our future developing.

  • Infrared gas sensor
  • Electrochemical gas sensor
  • Catalytic gas sensor
  • Flat surfaced gas sensor
  • Semiconductor gas sensor
  • Thermal conductor gas sensor
  • Hot-wire gas sensor
  • Solid electrolyte gas sensor

MQ-131 Ozon Gas Sensor
MQ-135 Smoke, NH3, Benzene & Alcohol Gas Sensor
MQ-136 H2S Gas Sensor
MQ-137 NH3 Gas Sensor
MQ-138 Mellow,benzene,Aldhyde,Ketone VOC Gas Sensor
MQ-2 Smoke & Flammable Gas Sensor
MQ-3 Alcohol Gas Sensor
MQ-4 Methane & Natural Gas Sensor
MQ-5 LPG, Natural & Coal Gas Sensor
MQ-6 Iso-Butane & Propane Gas Sensor
MQ-7 CO Gas Sensor
MQ-8 Hydrogen & Coal Gas Sensor
MQ-9 CO & Flammable Gas Sensor
MG811 Carbon Dioxide Sensor

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