Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LM675 Power Operational Amplifier

The LM675 is a monolithic power operational amplifier featuring wide bandwidth and low input offset voltage, making it equally suitable for AC and DC applications.

The LM675 is capable of delivering output currents in excess of 3 amps, operating at supply voltages of up to 60V. The device overload protection consists of both internal current limiting and thermal shutdown. The amplifier is also internally compensated for gains of 10 or greater.

  • 3A current capability
  • AVO typically 90 dB
  • 5.5 MHz gain bandwidth product
  • 8 V/┬Ás slew rate
  • Wide power bandwidth 70 kHz
  • 1 mV typical offset voltage
  • Short circuit protection
  • Thermal protection with parole circuit (100% tested)
  • 16V-60V supply range
  • Wide common mode range
  • Internal output protection diodes
  • 90 dB ripple rejection
  • Plastic power package TO-220