Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PSoC Express 3.0 Education kit

Cypress’s PSoC(TM) mixed-signal arrays are programmable systems-on-chips (SOCs) that integrate a microcontroller and the analog and digital components that typically surround it in an embedded system. A single PSoC device can integrate as many as 100 peripheral functions with a microcontroller, saving customers design time, board space and power consumption.

CY8C27443 is M8C Processor based. Its clocks speeds of up to 24 MHz, has 16K Flash 50,000 Erase/ Write Cycles, 256 Bytes SRAM. It also supports In-System Serial Programming. This chip contains 8x8 Multiply, 32-Bit Accumulate, 12 Analog Blocks, 8 Digital Blocks, 8- to 32-Bit Timers, Counters, and WMs, 2 UARTs, Multiple SPI, Connectable to all GPIO Pins , I2C bus, Watchdog and Sleep Timers.

PSoC microcontroller starter kit is a complete kit suitable for people who are beginning to learn and experiment on microcontrollers. The PSoC education board is modified from Cypress Semiconductor’s PSoC invention board , from a DIP module to a fully compact experiment board. On board LED provides opportunities for demonstration via the

LCD module connector. Similar to the PSoC invention board, the education board can receive data files via the PC USB port.

The PSoC education board has a CY8C27443 PSoC microcontroller on-board. It provides LED for demonstration and LCD module connector. It also has 3-Ports for experiments and Power supply is from a PC USB port or an external Power Supply. The kit includes a mini breadboard with 170 points.

The PSoC Express 3.0 Education kit includes:

* PSoC Education Board,
* 16 x 2 LCD module (16x2),
* ZX-SWITCH16 keypad board,
* USB cable,
* Components for Experiments
* CDROM Software and lab manual