Friday, September 11, 2009

Single Fiber Arc Fusion Splicer ,Fujikura FSM 60S

Single Fiber FSM 60S Arc Fusion Splicer

Item Specifications:
Applicable fibers :SMF, MMF, DSF, NZDSF etc.
Cladding dia./ Sheathe dia. :80 to 150 mm / 100 to 1000mm
Splice mode :Total 100 modes
Automatic fiber identification :SMF, MMF, NZDSF
Splice loss estimate :Equipped
Attenuation splice :0.1dB to 15dB by 0.1dB step
Splice result storage :Last 2000 splices
Viewing methods :2 axis 2CMOS camera with 4.1” LCD
Tension test :1.96 to 2.25N
Protection sleeve :60mm, 40mm and Fujikura micro sleeves
Diagnostic function :Equipped