Friday, September 11, 2009

BC 6000 RFID acess control

BC 6000 RFID acess control
Multi-functions ,Integrated with pin keyboard ,Chinese read head ,one-door access controller ,
T&A,two-door access controller.
Advanced technology ,steady quality.
Output/input of preventing of static electricity and current impulses, anti-jamming ,and preventing abnormal shut.

Dynamic setting ,flexible applications:
  • 1 built-in card reader(EM or Mifare ),2 sets of W26 output .
  • 2 sets of lock magnet inputs
  • 1 set of interfaces for ring and 1 set of communication interfaces.
  • 1 re-set I/O interface.
Chinese&English menu ,ease in operations , LED Chinese&English menu with backlight ,showing user's name and No Message publicizing functions. It can be set 16 s alarms ,can support workday setting .With choices of on-line or off-line with internet . Expertise makes big functions, Manage 2 doors with w26 output . Capacity:2500 cards , 25,000 records and alarms .A.P.C functions and function of just opening one door at one time .

Support card ,pin ,and card&pin three ways .Support setting emergency entry pin and super pins .
Alarm functions: opening-door overtime ,closing-door overtime, illegal entry alarm, duress alarms .