Thursday, June 02, 2016

3DR SOLO drone

3DR has created the one and only drone that can automatically control both copter and camera positioning in flight. Dual 1 GHz Linux companion computers power one-of-a-kind Smart Shots for sweeping multi-axis aerial cinema.


  • Live HD video
  • Satellite view for location accuracy
  • Smart Shot planning
  • One-touch shot control
  • Flight School: Solo tutorial videos and info portal
  • Real-time airspace safety information
  • User-defined geofencing
  • Record straight to camera roll
  • Advanced settings for Solo and camera
  • Critical in-flight information
  • Wireless updates for all Solo components
  • In-app alerts and access to customer support
  • AR
  • Time Lapse Cable cam


- First Drone with a double and a Linux computer 1GHz processor, as well as full access to the GoPro camera
-Quadcopter User friendly, very easy to control for cinematic shots like a professional pilot drones
-Features Return to Home, Auto Take-Off and Landing Auto
-There Exclusive features Smart Shots: Selfie, Orbit, Cable Cam, and Follow Me just the push of a button
-Feature Black Box (black box) for ease of detecting position when the drone crashed or lost based on the parameter data 500
-Design 3DR Solo Controller ergonomically designed, comfortable grip, equipped smartphone holder, and has a whole range of features quadcopter function keys and camera gimbal
-There Application 3DR Solo App to display Live Streaming HD Video, GPS Satellite View, Smart Planning Shot, One-Touch Shot Control, In-Flight Information, and Solo Tutorial Videos
-LED lights equipped as user orientation when flying drone conditioned either low light
-Connectivity Remote control to the smartphone via Wi-Fi and HDMI
-Streaming HD video directly from GoPro to screen smartphone
Photo-resolution up to 12MP using GoPro cameras
-High quality video recording 4K (using GoPro cameras support 4K video recording)
The quality of streaming video to smartphones 720p or 1080p Full HD using the HDMI out
-Solo Smart Battery has a protection feature auto-cut and auto electric storage / cut off to prevent damage, such as leaking or bulging batteries
-type 4 Cell Lithium Polymer battery
-5200mAh Capacity
-used To fly up to 25 minutes
-Smart Battery charging time is 1.5 hours
-Flight Maximum speed of 88 km / h
-Flight Height of up to 120 m
-Controller Charging time 4 hours
-WiFi Maximum ranges of 800 m
-Motor Unit 800 kV
-Application 3DR Solo is compatible to a variety of smartphones that have the OS
Android and iOS 5 and above 8 to the top
* Does not include 3-Axis Gimbal and GoPro camera