Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Currency Display Controller

A controller which is used to display a variety of currency exchange rates. Very suitable for use in the banks or the kind of work that requires a lot of information exchange in real-time such as foreign exchange and the like.

- Displays the currency exchange rate to the monitor / TV in portrait (1024 x 1280) using the HDMI connection (for others to use the interface converter).
- Display consists of 8 columns consisting of one currency logo column, one column name of the currency and 6 columns currency values.
- Display the company logo, background and text move to set design.
- Having a website to display configurations. Configuration can be done through a computer connected to the network via Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
- To connect using a LAN / Ethernet.
- There are three buttons on the controller: the shutdown button to shut down the system, the IP reset button to change the IP reset to its original settings and buttons Run / Restart to restart the system.

- Controller.
- Bracket.
- Adaptor 5V / 2A for the controller.

Note: Not including LCD TV / monitor.