Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Temp&Humi Sensor (ZigBee ZHA)

Temp & Humi Sensor (ZigBee ZHA) is a temperature and humidity sensor with extra-low power consumption (ZigBee wireless network technology). These sensors have a very compact casing, resistant to dust and insects. This sensor is suitable for monitoring residential neighborhoods, factories, computer rooms, shopping centers, offices, hotels, banks, libraries etc.

- Power supply: 3.0 VDC (CR2450 button battery)
- Current consumption: = 10mA
- Consumption current when the alarm sounds: = 30mA
- Distance range: = 100m (open area)
- Able to measure temperature in range: -15 ° C s / d 60 ° C
- Able to measure humidity in the range: 0% s / d 95%
- Dimensions: 60x60x20.8mm