Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Robotis Dream Set B is an advanced robot kit from Set A. This kit also aims to optimize the learning robotics. In Robotis Dream Set B, the components in it is a combination of Robotis Dream Level 3 and 4.
To use the Set B, Set A user must have first. 
There QuickStart to make four types of robot / forms: Probing Robot, Electric Guitar, Flag Game and Robot Tank. In addition to 4 robots / shape it, we also can make other robots through 23 form RoboPlus Design software.
In addition, for the beginner can use Task RoboPlus software to simplify programming of robots.

Main component :
- Remote control RC-100B / Bluetooth module.
- 2x servo motors.
- Touch sensor, IR sensor and LED modules (2 colors).

Note: There are no workbooks in this package.