Wednesday, May 18, 2016

LA-5280 80 channel 200MHz pc based logic analyzer

LA-5280 (PC Based Logic Analyzer, 200MHz / 64K Memory, 80 channels) Include Logic Pod, wires harness, clips & control software

PC Based USB Interface (Logic Analyzer, Pattern Generator).
  •   80 Channels Logic Analyzer, Pattern Generator is optional.
  •   Pattern Generator Type Ι (TTL Level only).
  •   Pattern Generator Type Π (Adjustable Output Voltage +1.5v ~ -4.54v).
  •   Frequency : 80Ch 1Hz to 250MHz 256K Bytes Memory.
  •                     48Ch 500MHz 512K Bytes Memory. 
  •   Max Input Bandwidth : 100MHz.
  •   Max Input Voltage : ± 150v.
  •   Trigger : 16 Levels 160Ch Simple.
  •   Input Impedance : 200KΩ5pf.
  •   Threshold Voltage : 3Sets -6.4v to +6.4v.
  •   External Clock : 8Ch 0 to 80MHz.
  •   Size (Dimension) : 210mm x 215mm x 70mm

This software is a revolution software, it have a lot of new function, even tradition famous oscilloscope
   have not these powerful function.   
   this software show a lot of timing, let user easy to compare and analyzer timing, tradition software
   no matter it is stand alone or computer base oscilloscope only show one timing,
   these one timing software only analyzer one segment of buffer, unlike this software it can look buffer in

   beginning and buffer in middle and buffer in end at the same time. the following picture part A show
   it is locate at beginning and part B at middle of buffer at the same time, every individual timing also
  support their own cursor, voltage measurement, zoom factor .. etc.

External Clock
  8 Channels 0 - 80 MHz
From Channel D32~39
80Ch / 40Ch
      64 K / 32 Ch+ 16 Ch
              32 K / 80 Ch
       64 K / 16 Ch+ 8 Ch
             32 K / 40 Ch

               80 Channels
             40 Channels
Logic Pod
Trigger Level
16 Levels 80 Ch Complex
16 Levels 40 Ch Complex

Trigger Qualify
8 Channels

Pattern Generator
0 ~ 50 MHz (0 ~ 100 MHz Rate)
Optional to order

Threshold Voltage
6 Sets -6.4v ~ +6.4v
3 Sets -6.4v ~ +6.4v
 Input Bandwidth
100 MHz
 Input Impedance
200 Kohm  5pF
 Max. Input Voltage
± 150 V

Power Supply
DC Adapter 5 V/5A
DC Adapter 5 V/2.5A
Universal Input
PC Interface
Parallel port / USB 1.1 / 2.0

Net Weight
2.5 Kgs
1.8 Kgs

Size (Dimension)
210mm x 215mm x 70mm
Aluminum Case
Logic pod x 5pcs, USB 2.0 Adapter,
Software driver, Color wires + clips, User’s Manual,
Parallel cable (IEEE1284), DC Adapter 5V/2.5A (5A).