Monday, April 20, 2015

Winbot 930 Window Cleaning Robot

The Winbot 930 Window Cleaning Robot has innovative features and advanced technology to quickly deliver sparkling clean windows with the touch of a button. Winbot 9 can clean framed or frameless windows of any thickness, and has a Smart Drive System for fast and thorough cleaning. The 4 stage cleaning system and intelligent cleaning path ensure complete coverage, even in corners.

4-Stage Cleaning Process
Winbot quadruples the clean with its unique four-stage cleaning process. First, the front cleaning pad sprayed with cleaning solution moistens, loosens and absorbs dirt; second, the leading squeegee draws the remaining waterborne dirt off the window; third, the trailing squeegee draws the remaining water off the window; fourth, the rear dry cleaning pad wipes the window to a dry, spotless shine.

Smartmove Navigation
W930 features Winbot's proprietary new SmartMove™ System that separates navigation from cleaning. This independent can travel in all directions (forward, backward and side-to-side) while the microfiber cleaning pad cleans in all directions.

Serious About Safety
Every Winbot features redundant levels of safety protection. The Winbot cupule has dual suction rings that form a double vacuum barrier that keeps the Winbot on the window - if one were to fail the other would keep the robot on the glass until manually removed.

What included:
1x Winbot W930 Window Cleaning Robot
1x Power Adapter and Connection Cord
1x Rf Remote Control
2x Aaa (1.5 Volt) Battery for Remote Control
3x Wrap-Around Microfiber Cleaning Pad
1x 100 Ml Spray Bottle of Professional Cleaning Solution
1x Finishing Cloth
1x Safety Pod & Tether
1x Instruction Manual
1x Decorative Protection Card
1x Reusable Storage Box