Saturday, April 18, 2015

Personnel tracking / employee tracking

Personnel tracking: Real Time Location System approaching by RFID technology Application

For industry / factory, Hybrid RFID tags, each with a unique ID, mounted on a helmet or employee identity card . Because the helmet / identity card must be worn at all times when on the job site, the tag automatically carried around by workers at all times as well.

Personal warning system to prevent unauthorized access to areas that are not permitted or to dangerous areas of the plant, monitored, avoiding accidents caused by workers who inadvertently.

When a worker was trying to enter the danger zone, the reader at the entrance zone to detect the presence of tag identification card / helmet. The buzzer will emit a loud enough sound to warn workers. Operators at the site office will also be informed by a warning message is displayed on the PC or LED display.

The Real-time location tracking System (RTLS)

Hybrid RFID system provides real time location tracking of workers in different zones of the sites monitored, providing information to the central office to improve the management staff.

Active readers installed at the entrance to the place. The presence of workers is recorded automatically when workers walked through the entrance and into another place. Manual system for entry and exit is not needed anymore, the overall efficiency and improved accuracy.
Setting two readers to distinguish workers' entry or exit from the room.

Location tracking in monitored zone

Hybrid RFID systems have read range of up to a radius of a few tens of meters. Readers are installed in various zones for full coverage of the monitored sites. When workers walked along the site, readers still detect a signal from the tag. The signal is sent to the central office every second, perform real time location tracking function for all workers.

The management staff at headquarters

Readers installed at the entrance to detect the entry of workers to certain zones. When workers are in the zone, PC / LED display shows the central office of each worker information, including name, ID number, registration data and other useful information. The head office can more closely monitor the allocation of workers for each zone more efficient, on the PC in real time.

The benefits of personnel tracking :
  • Ensure the safety of workers at the site
  • management staff / workers better
  • Efficiency and labor productivity higher
  • Operational groove with high visibility
  • Human error is reduced compared to manual recording system
  • Increased utilization of the ability of workers
  • Better planning and optimal use of resources
  • Warning System for more accurate personal