Monday, April 20, 2015

ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover

The Programmable Rover is a toy, a robot, and a tool for learning. A child programs ReCon 6.0 to navigate specified courses that can deliver a treat to a pet, surprise a family member with a personalized message, carry a soda, guard a bedroom, or just dance. NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!

  • Owner's Manual
  • Programmable Rover
  • Tape Measure

  • There is an onboard LCD display for programming.
  • Can make a move "dancing".
  • In the sales package includes manual for the 10 mission / action.
  • Do not need the computer to do the programming.
  • There is already an internal mic and speakers, so that we can enter / recording our voices and robotic rover will play it again.
  • Can serve as a "guard" around us.
  • ISBN: 978-1-60380-085-3
  • Package: 10.5"w x 11.5"h x 10.5"d
  • Book: 48 pages, full color
  • Batteries: 3 C, not included
  • Ages: 8+