Wednesday, April 15, 2015

RFID Application: Automatic Vehicle Identification in gas refueling station.

RFID Application: Automatic Vehicle Identification for auto payment in gas refueling station.

Gas for vehicles, also known as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or Compressed Natural Gas obtained through the compression process of methane (CH4) the extraction of natural gas with a pressure of 200 s / d 275 BAR. The composition of methane (CH4) which has a fraction lighter than air, making CNG will be released into the air at once, when the leak so relatih safer than the fuel oil.

The use of CNG as fuel, much cleaner and friendlier to the environment than the fuel oil, this is due to CNG produces fewer emissions compared with Fuel (1/3 fuel emission levels), in addition to the content of octane (RON - Research Octane Number) of 120, CNG is also able to produce cleaner burning, so that the vehicle's engine is more durable with an efficient treatment.

Vehicles usually wear converter kit which can be fueled by hybrid with manual shift or automatic use CNG or gasoline.

RFID application this time is to automatically detect vehicles that will fill CNG and process the data on the database server and issue invoices bills on the company or individual.

Tag used to be relatively low cost because of this tag will be affixed to the vehicle, the driver's windshield, usually kind of windshield sticker or variants commonly used for this, with a note to avoid glass films containing metal concentrates.

The type of reader that is used on the entrance gate is a type of long range with installation following the standards and degree following the hardware datasheet, so the best position to be obtained at its optimum performance.

The process is as follows:
• Vehicle(s) enter Gas refueling station through the entrance or gate where fitted Long range RFID reader
• Long Range RFID reader reads the information on the tag affixed to the windshield of the vehicle (vehicle Automatic Identification)
• Long Range RFID reader informs the server and this information also displayed on the island monitor(s) SPBG
• Refueling Officer, choose the display monitor vehicle license plates number that appear and perform charging by the number of customers who have been determined
• Finish filling, all the information is sent to the server and published a letter printed for billing to the company or paid directly.

Tags can also contain micro money or points which can also be used for payment with a prepaid system for example, so that the refueling process faster, by directly cutting the contents of micro money or point on the tag.

Another innovation is still a lot of open and developed for applications of this kind.

The advantage of this system:
• The process is more accurate vehicle administration, particularly for public transport company (taxi / bus) which requires the calculation of fuel consumption (cost) and earned income.
• refueling process becomes more effective and accurate.
• Financial transactions electronically, it is faster and more positive side