Wednesday, January 21, 2015

USB485 by Promag

USB to RS-485 Converter

Universal Serial Bus ( USB ) is a standard COM-Port on the latest computers , desktops and notebooks . 

And the latest O/S software Windows are supporting this USB communication port . 

The Smart USB/Serial Port Converters provide a simple way to connect the Serial interface devices to the USB port . With the advantage of the Smart USB/Serial Port Converters , users can utilize the existing Serial interface devices in an ease-of-use environment such as plug and play . 

The Smart USB/Serial Port Converters and software driver provide a no-specification-change feature that enable your existing Serial interface devices to be used at USB port with minimum modification . 

The Smart USB/Serial Port Converters are designed for ideal connections to any peripherals with serial interfaces , such as Barcode Readers , Mag-stripe Readers , Digital Cameras , Access Control Systems , Time & Attendance Systems , POS Systems , Modems etc.


*Full compliance with USB Specification Rev.1.1 
*Automatically baud rate switching up to 120K bps 
*LED’s to show communication status 
*Driver software support 
*USB485 for RS-485 interface devices and One converter supports up to 255 devices 
*No need to change the specification of your existing Systems 
*Win98/ME/2000/XP/Vista 32bit/Wins 7 compatible


*Full compliance with the USB Specification Rev. 1.1 
*Communication : 
1 start bit , 8 data bits , no parity automatically baud rate switching up to 120K bps 
Power Supply : 
DC 5V from USB port of the Computer , no external   power supply is needed 
Dimensions : D18.8 x W35 x H56 mm 
Environment : 
Operating Temp : 0 ~ 55 Deg. C 
Storage Temp : - 10 ~ 55 Deg. C 
Humidity : 10 ~ 90 % relative 

*USB485 Connectors – RS-485 Interface 

- Screw type terminal block 4 pins for RS-485 Devices 
- USB type B connector with type B to type A cable for the Computer 

  • PC to PC communications 
  • PC to terminal devices