Wednesday, January 21, 2015

M201 Air Quality Module

M201 adopts semi-conductor gas sensor and high performance MPU. It has Uart and I2C digital output and open set switch output. The module is applied to the development of the equipment for air quality detecting and controlling.

Air purifier, air pollution monitor, automatic vent device

  • Target gas :Hydrogen
  • Detection range :20-150ppm
  • Sensor type :Semi-conductor
  • Response time :< 30s
  • Recovery time :< 50s
  • Working voltage :2.8-5.0V
  • Working current :< 120 mA
  • Output :Uart: Baud Rate 4800,n,8,1
  • Product Capability  :<15 li="" ppm="">
  • Precision :+/-15%(80ppm)
  • Expected lifespan :>2 years
  • Working condition :Temperature:0-55 C
  • Humidity:20%-90%RH
  • Storage condition :Temperature:-20-70 C
  • Humidity:20%-90%RH
  • External dimensions :25X24X18mm(LXWXH)