Saturday, January 17, 2015

All Types TagPak™ S - 4x10 Tags

All Types TagPak™ S - 4x10 Tags

It consists of 10 tags of each type:
• Topaz512 43x43mm (Type 1, Broadcom) blank,
• NTAG203 42mm dia. (Type 2, NXP) blank,
• FeliCa Lite 43x43mm (Type 3, Sony Corp.) blank,
• Mifare DESFire 2k 80x50mm (Type 4, NXP) Google,

SO/IEC 14443 Type A modulation scheme; Topaz 512 chip; Passive RFID 13.56MHz;
ISO / IEC 14443 Type A 1-3 compliant; NTAG203 chip; Passive RFID 13.56MHz
ISO/IEC 18092 NFC Forum Type 3 Tag; Sony FeliCa Lite RC-S965; Passive RFID 13.56MHz
ISO / IEC 14443 Type A 1-4 compliant; Mifare Desfire EV1 2K chip; Passive RFID 13.56MHz

Read and Write Operation: One time programmable (OTP) and write once read many(WORM) operation

Tag Sizes:
43x43mmR3; Antenna Inlay: 39x39mm
42mmR3 DIA; Antenna Inlay: 34mm DIA
80x50mm; Antenna Inlay: 76x45mm

Storage Life: Desiccated condition (15°C~25°C, 40~60%RH) 2 Years

Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +70oC, 40~60%RH

Samsung TecTiles™ compatible. Will also work with all other NFC phones such as Nokia, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Sony