Friday, January 30, 2015

LED Magnifier Lamp Aoyue 927

LED Magnifier Lamp Aoyue 927
3x Magnification / 15x Magnification (PCB-Components)

This model 927 distinguishes itself by colourfast light, whereby no irritations can occur.
The lamp is best suitable for the deciphering of small components on the board or for soldering without additional aids.The LED lamp can be used for checking if the joints on the board have flaws, which is not possible with the normal eye. It has an incredibly low energy consumption of 2-3 Watt, through which a contribution to environmental protection and money saving is achieved. The Aoyue 929 is additionally equipped with a lamp cover, which protects the lamp against damage and dirt.

Technical Specification:
Input 230 Volt +/-10% / 50 Hz +/-2Hz
Energy requirement 2-3 W
LED number 37
Light colour white
Magnification x3 / x15 (Teilbereich)
Housing colour black
Weight 2,2 kg
Diameter of the magnifier 85 mm