Saturday, January 10, 2015

EXPLORE-NFC: NFC expansion board for the Raspberry Pi

EXPLORE-NFC is a high performance full NFC expansion board for the Raspberry Pi

  • Based on NXP PN512 full NFC forum compliant NFC IC, meeting compliance with all 3 NFC modes (Reader, P2P and Card Emulation).
  • Reader mode supports 4 NFC tag types and NXP MIFARE proprietary command
  • Software available for Card Polling: find out which contactless smart card you have in your pocket.
  • Software available for P2P Communication: transmit data from the RaspberryPI to the NFC enabled mobile phone through NFC.
  • Software available for Card Emulation: implement your Paper Chase Game using NFC on the RaspberryPI together with your NFC enabled mobile phone.
  • Integrated high performance antenna.
  • Complete with MIFARE Ultralight RFID card.