Friday, October 07, 2011

2X15Watt TA2024 Class-D Digital Audio Amplifier

Class-D audio amplifier based on authentic TA2024 from Tripath
Streamlined aluminium alloy housing helps remove heat and makes it more durable
Wide power supply range: 9-14V power source. With a Car Cigarette Lighter Plug Charger, you can enjoy great music in car without extra power supply.
High-quality digital volume control IC ensures long time use and perfect sound output

High input sensitivity
0.1% THD+N @ 9W, 4Ω
0.1% THD+N @ 6W,8Ω
15W @ 4Ω, 10% THD+N
10W @ 8Ω, 10% THD+N
84% @ 15W, 4Ω
90% @ 10W, 8Ω
MCU-based backlight of volume control knob-"LED ring", which is illuminated when you turn the power on.
Over/under-voltage shut down
Over-current protection
Over temperature protection
Size: 120 (L) X 74.6 (W) X 49 (H)±0.2mm
aluminium alloy case is the definition of Elegance, hard and frosting
Over 90% components are SMT based, which are reliable and environment-friendly

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