Sunday, October 02, 2011

AX-18A Robotic Arm

There are two major advantages of the AX-18A Smart Robotic Arm over other RC type robotic arms.

1. User configurable auto shutdown.
2. Realtime position, load, speed, voltage, and temperature status feedback.

An AX-18A will shut shutdown in the event of overheating, over loading or out of range voltage levels. A standard off-the-shelf RC servo will simply fail or burn up which increases overall maintenance costs. Secondly, standard RC servo communication is unidirectional. RC Servos receive an analog PWM signal then move to the requested position. There is no way to determine if the RC servo actually completed the move.

AX-18A Smart Robotic Arm Specifications

• Overall length (from base) - 22.875" (58.10cm)
• Base height - 1" (2.54cm)
• Turntable Axis to Axis 1 - 4.875" (12.38cm)
• Axis 1 to Axis 2 - 6.875" (17.46cm)
• Axis 2 to Axis 3 - 2.50" (6.35cm)
• Axis 3 to end of gripper (closed) - 6.875" (17.46cm)
• Overall arm length with gripper closed - 22.875" (58.10cm)
• Max width is 5.5" (13.97cm) at the outside of the gripper when open
• Max width of the arm - 4.4" (11.18cm)
• The base rotation servo is centered in a 4" X 4" square (10.16cm X 10.16cm)
• Repeatability 2.5mm
• Each joint has a 300° range with 1024 steps (0.29°/step)
• 8-way adjustable base angles in 45° increments.
• Precision carbon steel ball bearing turntable
• Integrated pem nuts for quick and easy construction
• Super strong anodized 0.063 ga. 5052 brushed finished aluminum components
• Scratch resistant type II anodized in gun barrel gray
• (7) Dynamixel AX-18 servos (4 axis 1 gripper)


• Built in, adjustable camera / sensor mount
• Slotted gripper paddles for easy sensor attachment
• High resolution, 60 tooth, heavy duty, resin gear train
• Cross cut, high adhesion rubber for maximum adhesion on the gripper