Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Manoi PF01 Humanoid Robot

iXs Research Corporation (Kondo Kagaku Co. Ltd.) introduces the Manoi PF01 Humanoid Robot Kit. Beneath its friendly appearance lies a 17 degrees of freedom humanoid robot equipped with strong actuators and advanced mechanisms. In order to sustain high energy motions, Kyosho has developed a powerful lithium polymer battery which will enable Manoi to reproduce all movements created using the programming software. Manoi comes equipped with onboard gyro sensors and an accelerometer. Many optional sensors are available in order to enhance Manoi's sensibility.

Features secret abilities that has not ever been realized
• Able to reproduce continuous actions
• Newly developed resin brackets
• 17 degrees of freedom
• Strong actuators and advanced mechanism
• Assembled with controller


The world's leading hobby robot manufacturer, Kondo Kagaku has developed new, powerful actuators for the Manoi robot. The newly developed actuator boasts high torque, high speed, and high precision. Smooth movement and actuations are now possible.


The Lithium polymer battery and its charger has been conceived exclusively for Manoi. You can insert up to 3 batteries into Manoi and charge them at the same time. Moreover since security is a major concern for Kyosho, all Kyosho Lithium Polymer batteries are recyclable. The advantage of lithium batteries is they can provide a great power for hobby robots while at the same time being lightweight.

• Actuator: 17 pcs
• Brackets/ Body coaling: 1 pc
• Control board (RCB-3): 1 pc
• Lipo saver board: 1 pc
• Gyro sensors: 2 pcs
• Lithium polymer battery: 3 pcs
• Lithium polymer battery charger (AC adapter included): 1 pc
• Heart to heart 3 software (CD ROM): 1 pc
• Serial USB adapter/driver (CD-ROM): 1 pc
• Manual /CD ROM: 1 pc
• Sample motions (CD ROM): 1 pc
• Total height: 400mm
• Dimension: 340mm x 180mm
• Arm length: 150mm