Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TXM02 ism band FSK transmitter module

TXM02 ism band FSK transmitter module.
Low cost ISM Band transmitter module implemented with unique PLL approach , and work with FSK modulation signal ranges from 433/868/915MHz band, comply with FCC, ETSI regulation. The SPI interface is used to communicate with microcontroller for parameter setting. TXM02 work with RXM01 receiver module at 433MHz band. The pair of module can work up to 300 meter in open air (line of sight )

  • Low cost , high performance
  • tuning free during prduction
  • FSK transmission
  • PLL employed
  • fast PLL lock time
  • high resolution PLL with 2.5KHz step
  • Programmable frequency deviation (from 30 KHz to 210 KHz, step 30 KHz)
  • programmable output power
  • high data rate up to 115.2kbps with FSK modulation)
  • differential antenna output
  • automatic antenna tuning
  • SPI interface
  • clock and signal reset for external MCU use
  • 10MHz xtal for PLL reference 
  • Programmable xtal load capacitor bank
  • wakeup timer
  • low batt detection
  • low power consumption
  • standby current less than 0.3 micro Amp.