Saturday, November 06, 2010

Long rangeRFID reader ID-180

Long rangeRFID reader ID-180, 125 KHz 64bit Manchester Encoding by ID-Innovation.

As far as we know the ID180 has still the longest-range for any 125khz EM4102 (Sokymat Unique) reader in the World and is still used as an industry benchmark. Powered by DSP Processor for minimize error or noise , It Also has an external antenna just 65*45*2.5cm yet will read Unique tags at over 1.2meter (GK4001) and ISO sized clamshell cards (8969) at over 180cm. Ranges of 220cm have been obtained with special car-park tags. Applications include car parks, industrial & office access

logistics and hands free applications. The tag data is output via an RS232 cable as10 ascii bytes in 9600:N,8,1 format.The ID-180 is also available as a PCB module. Power requirements are 15volt regulated at 1.5 Amp. The reader is enclosed in a strong ABS housing to IP67. Comes with D-type connection cables and power lead.

- Power supply: 12-14V DC at 0.7 amperes (Nominal)
- Working frequency: 125 kHz
- Reading distance: 175 cm with Innovation long-range ID card, ID-120 cm with ISO card Innovation
- Interface: RS-232/485
- Card Format: EM4001 64-bit encoded Manchester
- Features: Led and Buzzer, Auto Tuning, Long Antenna cable (up to 10 m from the reader)
- Dimensions: 655mm Antenna x 455mm x 25mm, 
- Reader Module 150mm  x 160mm  x 30mm