Friday, November 19, 2010

MechRC Humanoid Robot (Shadow Stalker)

The RoboSavvy MechRC Humanoid Robot (Shadow Stalker) system provides you with everything you need to control and program your very own humanoid robot. With over 100 pre-installed motions and sounds that can be activated from the game pad-style remote control, MechRC is ready to take the world by storm, right out of the box! But the fun doesn’t stop there… Personalize your robot with the user friendly MechRC Commander software (included). Create new and exciting motions and action sequences in minutes and then download them to your robot along with your own sound effects, voices and music straight from your home PC.

With 17 precision servos, capable of up to 180 degrees of movement, the MechRC robot can perform feats of agility. The robot comes with over 100 motion files pre-installed, from killer fighting moves to dance motions, with even more available on the CD-ROM.
Make your own motion sequences with the supplied MechRC Commander software. Simply add different poses to the animation filmstrip to create a motion, assign it to a button or button combo on the handset and hit “download”.
Control your robot just like a video game character from the gamepad-style remote handset, create motion files and action sequences with the user-friendly MechRC Commander software.

• Designed by the one of the artists who designed the new Transformers
• An easy to use 3D visual interface is used for programming.
• Built in audio speaker
• Electronic expansion
• Lithium Polymer battery pack
• Mechanical expansion

• 17 metal gear servos with 180 degree movement and 13kg-cm torque!
• 100+ moves pre-stored on the robot
• The robot is manipulated in an animation film strip making customizing seriously user-friendly.
• IR remote control.
• Lithium battery pack and charger allow for ~1 hour of uninterrupted use
• Not MAC compatible
• Suitable for ages 14 years+.
• Size: 36 x 32 x 15cm.