Thursday, November 11, 2010

TRF 2.4G, wireless module

The TRF 2.4G (TRW2.4G GFSK Transceiver)Offer following benefits:
  • Higly reduced current consumption
  • Lower system cost (facilitaties use of less expensive microcontroller)
  • Greatly reduces risk of 'on-air' collision due to short transmission time
  • Power consumption 1.9-3.6VDC
  • 2.4-2.524GHz ISM working frequency range
  • GFSK Modulation
  • Built in Patch antenna
  • FIFO MCU interface
  • ready on use shockburst mode
  • data rate 250Kbps or 1Mbps
  • 125 Channel operation /Multi Channel, support frequency hopping
  • 280 meters range distance at 250Kbps, line of sight.

The TRF 2.4 G can be programmed using a simple 3 wire interface where the data rate is decided by the speed of the microcontroller. By allowing the digital part of the application to run at low speed while maximizing the data rate on the RF link, The nRF SHOCKBURST tm, mode reduces the average current consumption in application considerably. The  SHOCKBURST tm, technology use on chip FIFO to clock in data at low data rate and transmit at very high rate (1MBps) at 2.4GHz band,  thus enabling extermely power reduction